I remember one of my first Soul Cycle classes during my senior year of college at USC. It was the week before final exams, and I was doing everything possible to procrastinate. (sorry mom and dad!) As I clipped in my bike in the dark, candlelit room, I began to think to myself. Who am I and what am I doing here? I've spent an entire semester in these classes, so why avoid studying for my final exams?

As I rode my bike through class to amazing music and contemplated, the instructor yelled out "everything is temporary." And at that moment, it hit me! My finals would be over in exactly one week, winter break was around the corner and I was soon to be a second semester college senior. Through that bit of clarity I experienced, I realized that as human beings, we should take opportunities head on and not let our emotions hold us back. Everything is temporary and the feelings we sense will not last forever, but our actions and triumphs will always hold true.

Enjoy the moments of pure joy, stress, uncertainty and everything else in between. You are a product of your life experiences, and these occasions shape us into who we are. 

You are exactly where you are supposed to be in life.