Often times, we are afraid to let go of fear. We want to stay in control of our anxieties, as we think of the worst. The little voices in our heads who tell us that we are not capable or will not succeed often get the best of us, and push us to master controlling the tiniest details we had not previously considered. Have you ever questioned those little voices to ask what their agenda is? Are they there to support you and lift you up, or break you?

Well, the year is 2016 and it is time to let go of fear and control. It is time to stop avoiding situations because our fears and anxieties take over. There is no such thing as "failure," for it is an experience and opportunity to learn, grow and be better.

The Source is in control and will ultimately provide us with what is in our best interest, even if it does not feel like that in the moment. Stop thinking, and just do. Be fearless. Be resilient. Be you.