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Our Story:
Founded in a premiere Los Angeles wash house surrounded by endless color choices, CHROMA+BASIX creates leggings that empower women to inspire, look and feel their best – one soul, one body and one city at a time. At CHROMA+BASIX, we believe that you are created impeccably. Each woman is on her own journey, and our leggings are the perfect accessory to keep her walking confidently down her desired path in life. Designed and manufactured in CHROMA+BASIX’s privately owned, family operated factory, we use unparalleled, custom-made fabric, and curate timeless, hand-done, artistic wash techniques. Our pieces are fitted again and again to get you a flawless pair that will be your go-to from dusk until dawn; Not only are these leggings a fashion statement, they are a sentiment for women everywhere to grow, live life confidently and continue to evolve into making their dreams come true.

A Note From The Creative Director:
After graduating college from USC and finding my way within the working world, I began to notice a lack of contemporary clothing lines that celebrated women and their bodies. To fill that void, CHROMA+BASIX, a for-women by-women organization, was built upon the principles of self-love, unity and female empowerment through charity initiatives. We have all been in uncomfortable situations, have felt insecure about our bodies, and gotten lost on our life journeys. Our past experiences have shaped us into who we are today. I wanted to create a line to show women that you are beautiful and perfect in every single way. Embrace the past, look forward to the future and enjoy the present. Love all that is you!